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About Us » What is the Raw Network of Washington?

Raw Network of Washington is nonprofit education, resource, and support network for raw foodists living in Washington State.  We also we work to increate public awareness of the personal and planetary benefits of the raw foods lifestyle and we are planning to open a raw community center in the Fall of 2007.


Our mission is to increase public awareness of the personal and planetary benefits of the raw/living foods lifestyle; to be a "hub" of information and resources that help people identify, choose, and maintain a diet that is healthy, ethical, and sustainable; and to be a community leader that keeps the raw foods movement growing, vibrant, and alive!


Our vision is to create a community space that will provide services to raw foodists and those interested in learning more about the lifestyle; to serve as a place where individuals and community groups go to draw support, engage, organize, and effect change; and to be an inspirational model for other organizations.

Planned Services

To fulfill our mission and vision, we aim to offer a variety of events and services via our raw community center.  The Network’s Community Center will feature:

  • An educational library that offers free or low-cost educational materials to members (books, DVDs, audio CDs) that can be "checked out" for a finite period of time.

  • Literature (e.g. pamphlets and brochures) that have been created by other organizations, as well as original work that we publish

  • Seminars on health topics related to achieving optimal health and the personal and planetary benefits of the raw/living foods lifestyle

  • Motivational support meetings for newcomers and other meetings designed to support the raw food enthusiast and those transitioning

  • Classes (e.g., raw food preparation, introduction to raw foods, raw nutrition, etc.)

  • A community bulletin board

  • Social events (e.g., community potlucks, inspirational movie showings, contests, games, and more!)

  • An information and referral phone line

  • A referral service to alternative health professionals

  • Recycling information

We will expand our  presence to the greater community by setting up informational booths at events such as local farmer's markets, street fairs, and local and national conferences.

About this Site

This website, www.rawwashington.com, was created as a gift to the raw community in July 2006 by Monika Kinsman and Heather Larson, before Raw Network of Washington was incorporated.  After incorporation, the site was converted to the official homepage of the Network.  In February 2007, we merged with RawSeattle.org to provide greater understanding of the scope of what's happening in Washington State in regards to raw foods.

Heather Larson, this website's programmer, was introduced to raw foods and the Seattle raw food community after meeting Monika.  After discovering their shared passions for avocados!progressive community-building, technology, and eating avocados with a spoon, they decided to create this site together.  Heather works at the University of Washington and has a professional background in educational and clinical research, training, and online services; and a not-so-professional background in music-, tree-, and avocado-loving.Monika Kinsman

About the Founder 

Monika Kinsman, 26, is the Founder and Executive Director of the Raw Network of Washington, first began experimenting with raw foods after spending a week at Hippocrates Health Institute in 2004 (her mother had developed lung cancer and invited Monika to go with her to be of support).  In December 2005, Monika decided to "go raw" full-time, and has been at least 95% raw since December 2005.  Since going raw, Monika has lost 65 pounds, her cholesterol has gone from a high-303 to 200, and she has more energy than ever!  Watch out Seattle!

In addition to being a raw food enthusiast and overseeing the development of the organization, Monika works full-time in the Domestic Violence Unit of the Seattle Police Department where she supervises approximately 90 volunteers on the Domestic Violence Victim Support Team.

Monika's educational background includes a Master of Science degree in Organization Development (OD) and a Bachelor's degree in Law and Justice.  She sees herself as a "change agent" and is planning to open Washington State's first raw foods grocery store, Minerva Organics, in Seattle in conjunction with the opening of the Raw Network of Washington's community center.

Get Involved!

The Network is a volunteer-based organization, and does not currently employ any paid staff members.  Thus, volunteers are critical for carrying out our mission, vision, and ensuring a solid foundation for our organization.  To learn more about how you can get involved, click here.

Donations Welcome!

Raw Network of Washington is a non-profit organization.  This web site was created by the Network as a gift to the raw community of Washington state.  If you'd like to contribute money towards the organization, we would be very grateful!

Donations are accepted online (via PayPal). Simply click on "Give Now" below. Many thanks!

Donations welcome!