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Raw Network of Washington (Raw NOW!) is a non-profit  organization dedicated to providing education, support, and resources to raw foodists and others interested in learning about the raw foods lifestyle.  Unlike other raw and living food websites, this is the only site that brings you a comprehensive, up-to-date guide about what’s happening with the life foods movement in Washington State.  Read more....

Upcoming Events

Juggling, Drumming, and Bare Hands Potluck (3/24) Greenwood

Jennifer Cornbleet: Raw Food Made Easy (3/24) Ravenna

Jennifer Cornbleet: Raw Food Made Easy (3/24) Redmond

Mary's Raw Book Club (3/25) Lynnwood

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What is a raw food diet? A raw food diet is primarily comprised of uncooked, unprocessed, and often organic, sustainably raised plant-based foods. Most raw foodists do not consume animal products of any kind, nor foods containing chemically processed or pasteurized ingredients. While some raw foodists include raw (unpasterized) dairy products, raw meat, raw eggs, and sushi into their diets, the majority of those in the raw community in Washington State are vegan. While the exact definition of raw food varies, a basic guideline for raw food is that it can not have been heated above 118° F (48° C). Read more…

Why go raw? The benefits of going raw are numerous.  In addition to helping you feel great inside and out, studies have shown that eating live, enzyme-rich foods contain resources that can alleviate many illnesses, prevent many health problems, and strengthen the immune system. Raw foods can help you achieve a stable body-mass index, clear skin, more energy, and can help to minimize a range of common illnesses, from the flu to obesity-related illnesses. Read more...


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